Myron M.
Mazeila J.
Nathaniel C.
Melissa F.
Tyrice D.
Melissa H.
Sean G.
Myron M. Video Testimonial

Myron came to Goodwill needing help. Although he had a criminal background, gaps in his work history and no driver’s license, he was ready to work. After completing Job Readiness classes, he enrolled in the Transitional Work Program. Myron took the initiative to learn all facets of the Goodwill Operations Warehouse and also obtained his forklift certification. He is a team player who assists both co-workers and management to get the job done. Since working at Goodwill, Myron was able to obtain a driver’s license, a vehicle and his CDL license. Hired initially as a material hander at Goodwill Operations, Myron was quickly promoted to a Class A Driver. Most recently, he has been promoted once again to Donation Services Supervisor. Myron aspires to one day become a business owner, operating a mid-size trucking company.

Goodwill’s Transitional Work Program gave me a chance. I have been able to set personal and employment goals and have worked hard to achieve them.

Mazeila J. Video Testimonial

Mazeila came to Goodwill looking for a new career. Although employed in retail management, her real passion was for senior caregiving. While working full-time, Mazeila attended school part-time and was able to earn her CNA certification. However, it was hard for her to gain experience as a CNA because of her work schedule and one hour bus commute to work. Through her participation in Goodwill’s Job Readiness Class, she was able to find a retail position closer to her home. Mazeila now works full time as an Assistant Manager at Dollar General and part-time as a companion at Senior Helpers, gaining the skills she needs. She is currently planning to enroll in Baltimore City Community College’s Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program.

Goodwill provided the reinforcement and motivation I needed to pursue the career I really want. I received help to maintain my focus and develop a never quit attitude. I am thankful for everything I learned at Goodwill.

Nathaniel C.Video Testimonial

Mistaken for someone else, Nate was shot and lost his arm. His life as he knew it was forever changed. He became addicted to drugs and spent years struggling to survive. One day, Nate decided he wanted to live and he received the help he needed to become sober. He then came to Goodwill looking for employment help. He enrolled in Goodwill’s Computer and Clerical class and not only learned valuable skills but was inspired by the instructor to be positive about his life. Nate was then referred to Goodwill Staffing Services for employment. With a new outlook on life, charming personality and great charisma, Nate interviewed with Tallgrass Talent Group and was offered a job as a product demonstrator.

Goodwill gave me purpose. I am so thankful for the opportunities that were provided to me and I now look forward to my future.

Melissa F.Video Testimonial

Melissa was referred to Goodwill’s Buena Alianza Program by a Goodwill employee. After her initial assessment, it was determined she needed a refresher course in job readiness skills, as well as help obtaining health insurance, work attire and a stable job. After being employed with Goodwill in another state, Melissa knew she wanted to continue working for the same company. Melissa’s case manager helped her with job readiness skills and outlined some of the necessary components to completing a successful interview. She interviewed at Goodwill’s Fells Point location and was hired immediately for a part-time position. When a full-time position became available, Melissa applied and became a Lead Cashier. She has since been promoted to Assistant Manager earning a competitive wage along with full health benefits.

Goodwill has shown me how to highlight my strengths and I am happy to continue working for a company that I love.

Tyrice D. Video Testimonial

Tyrice came to Goodwill as a wife and mother of four children with limited work experience, no high school diploma and was on government assistance. Eager to learn and ready to work, Tyrice was placed into a retail position. Although retail was not her first choice of employment, she wanted to build her resume and gain experience. She enrolled at TESST College and obtained a certificate in administration. She saw that not having a high school diploma was limiting her from getting the job she wanted. Tyrice enrolled in an online school to obtain her high school diploma and continued to seek employment. She interviewed at a Goodwill store and was hired. Her supervisor reports that she is a great worker and she has since been promoted to lead cashier.

I wanted to be able to provide for my family and be a good example for my children. I am happy I have found a job I enjoy that also lets me build my skillset.

Melissa H. Video Testimonial

With a previous background in restaurant management, Melissa came to Goodwill looking for a career change. Formerly a program manager at a recovery house, Melissa was interested in Goodwill and looking for a way to participate in Goodwill’s mission of helping people find employment. In recovery herself, Melissa applied for an assistant manager position at a Goodwill store and was hired on the spot. Melissa is currently working towards her degree in psychology from Anne Arundel Community College and is interested in helping even more people get the second chance they deserve.

I love my job at Goodwill and am thankful to be part of an organization that gives people the chance to turn their life around.

Sean G. Video Testimonial

With little work history and a criminal background, Sean was having a hard time finding a job. He was referred to Goodwill’s Transitional Work Program and was enthusiastic about learning new skills. The Transitional Work Program is designed to help individuals with little or no work experience. While in the program, Sean was also able to find resources that helped him address and resolve family concerns. He was a diligent and responsible worker, and Goodwill managers took notice immediately. Sean was hired as a processor at Goodwill’s Jumpers Junction retail store and has since been promoted to Sales Associate.

Thanks to Goodwill, I was given a chance to prove myself as an employee. Now I have a good job and can grow with a company.